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Free Mobile Java Games

Free Mobile Java Games are brought to you by Scrup Mobile. Please share the fun.

Action Basketball

Aztec Warrior

Rainbow 6 Java Game

XR Jetski Mobile Java Game

Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile Game

Pursuit Squad Game

Cricket World Championships

Ghosts N' Goblins Game

Worms Fort - Mobile Java Game

Chess Master Mobile Java Game

Blade Trinity Java Game

Big Brother The Games

Atari Connect Four Java Game

Brother Bear Mobile Java Game

Splinter Cell Mobile Game

Hoverball Mobile Java Game

FIFA Soccer 2005 Fun Game

Highway Racer Mobile Game

Xmas Skies Mobile Play

Battle Of Empires Mobile Game

Alonso Racing Java Game

Battle of Empires

Chicken Hunter Mobile Java

Apocalypse 3000 Mobile Java Game

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Free Mobile Java Games

The Mummy Mobile Java Game

This is a puzzle game in which you have a birds eye view of the playing field. The objective is navigate your player through the maze and solve puzzles and fight monsters. Puzzles involve moving blocks to make a path to the next room.

The mummy Java Game Mobile Java Game

Click Here To Download

BubbleGun Mobile Java Game

This basically a rip of from Puzzle Bubble. The game play is the same in which you have to match colours of balls to clear the screen. Sound is and graphics is very basic, but if you like puzzle bubble then you will like this game.

Bubble Gun Java Game

Click Here To Download

Download these free java games to your mobile using a bluetooth adapter. Most mobiles that run java can run these games. Newer phones will have a faster processor and higher screen resolution. Therefore you will need to adjust the settings for older games as you might be running it in turbo speed. Also the screen may only use a small section of the mobile.You need to change it to full resolution. Please unzip the files and upload to your mobile as a jar file. Zip files won't be recognised by Java, however some phones will. Use a bluetooth adapter to upload it to your phone. Most new laptops have bluetooth or just buy an adapter, it costs less than 10 dollars. To try these games on your PC you need an emulator.






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