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Rainbow 6 Java Game

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Rainbow 6

Rainbow 6 - Raven Shield is based on the PC Game Rainbow 6. You take over the role of a counter-terrorist working for the Rainbow 6 Team, who has to do several jobs in the operations, like rescuing hostages or defusing bombs. The actions takes place on the New York International Airport, where terrorists took hostages and placed bombs.

Several weapons with different attitudes help you; items like the body armour make your live longer. Your ammunition and health is limited - shooting around wildly like Rambo will not help you.

There are 3 difficulty levels - depending on that, the enemies are more or less intelligent. The higher it is, the more carefully and strategically you have to act. Sneaking to the enemy when he does not look and then killing him is the best and most safety way.

Being seen when hostages are nearby normally ever means the death of them and the end of the game. Being seen from a terrorist guarding a bomb makes him activate the timer. Killing him and defusing the bomb must then happen quickly.

There are 3 missions with 3 beautifully designed locations: parking and control tower, cargo area, and inside an airliner. Each location has 6 zones, which are several screens tall - (together 18 levels). Nevertheless, this is not very much and one will have finished this game in about 2 hours.

Rainbow 6 shows that there are still genres that have not been touched by other developers. Fluent gameplay and well done locations make it really worth to take a look at Rainbow 6.

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