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Mobile Java Game - XR Jetski

Mobile Java Game - XR Jetski

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XR Jetski

In this game, you are trying to win the Jetski Championship. Dodging obstacles like sharks, recreational boats and other hazards while passing your opponents in order to get to the finish line first is your goal.

Essentially, this is a basic racing game, similar in concept to many other java-based racing games. XR Jetski, though, is a good realization of a well know concept. The graphics are 3D, varied and quite good. The responsiveness of the game to the controls is much better than average. Your opponents are given some intelligence, and actively try to prevent you from passing, which makes the game much more challenging than the average racing game.

XR Jetski offers 4 different racetracks, with quite different scenery. High scores are kept for each of the racetracks. Your opponents are graced with different difficulty levels, in order to keep you on your toes.

Graphics are better than average, sounds and music are about average, game play is enhanced by vibrating feedback. While not groundbreaking, this game definitely pushes that state of art for Java racing games.

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