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 Pursuit Squad

Pursuit Squad

Mobile Java Game

Pursuit Squad Game

Pursuit Squad Mobile Java Game

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Pursuit Squad

Pursuit Squad is a car based racing game. The view is from behind similiar to Daytona in view mode 3. The task is to chase down criminals and ram, hit, cut off the enemy vehicle. The driving mode is very similiar to the old Endurance PC and Atari classic game. The car you are given looks like a Yellow Lotus Esprit. Others have reviewed this as Chase HQ remake.

In a city taken over by the mafia, citizens live in fear. The police are gutless to stop the criminals who power them in every way especially when it comes to cars. But the Govenor has decided to take a stand and now the city police force has a new patrol car. Equipped with the most powerful supercars available, no-one can outrun the Pursuit Squad. Experience the thrill of high speed police chases in this 3D racing java game.

If you have a bluetooth adapter download this file and unzip it to your pc before uploading

Download for Free Here: Pursuit Squad (zip)

If you are visiting this site via a mobile through wap then download this file.

Download Direct To Mobile Here: Pursuit Squad (jar)

Screenshots of Pursuit Squad.

Pursuit Squad Image Pursuit Squad Screenshot


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