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Mr. & Mrs. Smith tells the tale of John and Jane Smith, an ordinary suburban couple with an ordinary, lifeless suburban marriage. John is a successful construction contractor, Jane, an intelligent computer systems entrepreneur. But each of them has a secret that the other doesn't know: they are both legendary assassins. When they are assigned the same target and essentially cancel out each other's mission, they end up trading shots at each other (literally and figuratively) when they are assigned to assassinate one another. Finally, when fighting at their house they reconcile but later find out that their respective agencies have sent assassins to exterminate them both.

Rumors that Pitt and Jolie began a real-life affair while filming this movie sparked a tabloid media frenzy in late 2004-early 2005, which only intensified when Pitt subsequently broke up with his wife, Jennifer Aniston. Both Pitt and Jolie have consistently denied any such affair took place. During media promotion for the film, both Pitt and Jolie required reporters to sign a contract forbidding any questions about their rumored relationship.
Since the aforementioned media frenzy, the rumors that Brad and Angelina are dating have continued. Neither party has confirmed, but denials have also become less frequent. When Pitt reportedly travelled with Jolie to Ethiopia (where she adopted her second child, Zahara Marley Jolie) the rumor mill was sparked again, but both parties and the press stress that Jolie adopted as a single mother, so the pair's status remains a mystery. In August and September 2005 the two were seen together several times in Alberta, Canada where Pitt was shooting a movie.
When Benjamin is being held captive, he is wearing a Fight Club T-shirt, a reference to a previous film starring Brad Pitt.
The novelization of this film includes joking references to Mrs. Smith looking like some glamorous movie star (an allusion to Angelina Jolie), while Mr. Smith is said to resemble ... Brad Pitt.
Two versions of the main poster for this film exist: one in which Jolie is shown holding a gun in her garter (as illustrated above) and a second version without.
Jane Smith was originally to be played by Nicole Kidman, Gwen Stefani was also considered for Jane Smith before Angelina Jolie.

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