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TRiu N3 Note 3 Smartphone Review

Buy TRiu N3 Note 3 Smartphone

The TRiu N3 Note 3 can be purchased from Focalprice for under 137 USD.

TRiu N3 Note 3

Rating 67%

As of 10 October 2014

TRiu N3 Note 3 Smartphone Review

The TRiu N3 Note 3 is a Smartphone with a Capacitive IPS Touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x720. The smartphone runs on Android 4.2 with a powerful MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz processor. It comes equipped with 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, A GPS and 8MP rear camera. As standard with all smart phones it comes equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Important Specs

Brand & Model: TRiu N3 Note 3
Size of Display: 5.7"
Touch Screen: Capacitive IPS

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Built-in Memory RAM: 1GB, ROM: 8GB
Battery: 3200mAh removable battery
Camera Front: Front: 5.0 mega pixel, Rear: 8.0 mega pixels.
CPU: Quad Core MTK6589 1.2GHz

Review Score - Maximum 12

CPU: 1.5
Resolution: 1
Memory: 1
Battery: 1.5
Camera: 1.5
Price: 1.5

View our rating criteria here.

Pricing & Retailers

FocalPrice: 136.99 USD 196.33 USD

Third Party Reviews / Scores

And there you have it, a fairly good replica of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Before closing there is one more thing worth mentioning, there seems to be several different models of the N3 available with different amounts of on-board storage. It also looks like there is an octa-core version coming that uses the new MT6592. So if you do buy one make sure you check the specs first.


6x Savvies SU75 screen protector ultraclear for Star Triu N3 Note 3 for 5.11 USD plus shipping on Ebay.


FocalPrice Product Warranty: 90-day warranty to replace, 180-day hassle-free warranty.

Buy TRiu N3 Note 3 Smartphone Here

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