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Free Panasonic MX6 Ringtones

Panasonic MX6

All by myself - Celine Dion

Benny Hill - Theme


Eiffel - Body

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Friends - TV


Happy Birthday

I loves Mi

Panasonic MX6 Phone

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Panasonic MX6 - Maximum Endurance

Panasonic MX6 Ultra High Capacity Battery
The MX6's ultra high capacity 1660-mAh battery keeps the conversation going without unnecessary interruptions. Furthermore, you can enjoy the 3D games for a longer stretch of time.

Panasonic MX6 16 Million Colour 2.2 inch Display
The images depicted on the screen will always look remarkably true to life. Thanks to an amazing 320x240 pixels QVGA resolution, now enhanced to approximately 16 million colour and a brightness that goes as high as 300 candella.

Panasonic MX6 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera
1.3 megapixel resolution with backlight compensation ensures every image captured. With the help of the 4x digital zoom function, you can zoom in to capture beautiful images.

Panasonic MX6 15 Frame Continuous Shooting
The MX6 Gives you all the functions you need to get the most pleasure from your phones. It is able to capture up to 15 frame continuous shooting, at the speed of 7.5 frames per second with just a click of a button.

Panasonic MX6 Video Capabilities
An exciting function that allows you to record and play back those wonderful moments to great effect. Especially when viewed on the large 2.2 inch colour TFT display.

Panasonic MX6 Sega "Sonic the Hedghog" Java Gaming
Enjoy games with the crystal clear 16 million colour LCD display on the MX6, bringing out the best of "Sonic the Hedgehog". Enjoy the thrill and speed anytime, anywhere.

Panasonic MX6 One Push Auto Open
A light touch of the button near the hinge is all it takes to pop open the handset. You can set the MX6 so that you can receive a call or read short messages automatically just by clicking the handset.

Panasonic MX6 Real Ring Tones
The MX6 features great-sounding 40-polyphonic ringtones, in addition to the capability to download and play back MP3 ringtones.

This Phone can be purchased directly from Panasonic for $649 outright.

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