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Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton

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Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton (born August 21, 1983 in Essex, England) was the first non-celebrity to feature in the Channel 4 reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother. She emerged as the winner of series 4, beating 10 bona fide 'celebrities', and winning a prize of £25,000. She lives in Wickford, Essex with her mother and step-father and attended The Bromfords School in Wickford.

As a twist to the show, she was instructed to convince the celebrity housemates that she was a celebrity, a member of a (fictional) girl group named Kandy Floss, whose biggest hit was said to be "I Want It Right Now". Had she failed to convince them, she would have been evicted from the house. She successfuly fooled her housemates and survived to the end of the show.

In her Big Brother profile page, Chantelle describes herself as a "bright, blonde bimbo". She says "I look like Paris Hilton, not on purpose but it's just the way it turned out". She has been nicknamed "Paris Travelodge" (implying a cheap version of Paris Hilton).

Chantelle had originally applied to be in Big Brother 6 (shown June-August 2005), however the show's producers put her in the Celebrity Big Brother house instead.

On the first evening, Chantelle reported a potential problem: she had previously met Jodie Marsh's brother while out clubbing. Happily for her, her fears proved unfounded.

On 8 January (day 4), Big Brother set a task to the group to rate themselves by how famous they thought they were. The celebrity they thought was the most famous stood on the #1 podium and the person they considered the least famous stood on the #11 podium. Chantelle had to avoid being put in the #11 podium to prove she had fooled the real celebrities and stay in the house. Chantelle survived the task, being chosen to stand on the #9 podium, ahead of Preston and Maggot. She was then called to the diary room to discuss her identity with Big Brother. This was simultaneously shown on a television screen in the lounge, in front of the other housemates.

Chantelle was nominated for eviction on day 21, but was saved from eviction by the public as the other two nominees George Galloway and Dennis Rodman were both evicted in a double eviction.

While in the house, Chantelle established close bonds with Jodie Marsh and Samuel Preston of The Ordinary Boys. She is currently dating Preston.

Chantelle won the show on 28 January with 29.4% of the public vote, ahead of Michael Barrymore on 22.7%, earning her £25,000 (the celebrities were paid fees of £150,000).

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