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ATT Cingular

Cingular Wireless LLC is the largest United States mobile phone company, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Cingular, formed in 2001, is a joint venture of the American landline telephone companies SBC and BellSouth. The two companies hold 60% and 40% stakes in Cingular, respectively, based on the value of the assets each company contributed to the venture.

Cingular was the second largest mobile phone carrier in the United States. On October 26, 2004, Cingular won regulatory approval from the FCC to acquire AT&T Wireless, and completed the acquisition of 24 million customers giving them 48 million customers, which surpasses Verizon Wireless, and is now the largest mobile phone carrier in the United States. Q2 2005 numbers, released on July 20, 2005, showed 51.6 million Cingular subscribers. Cingular operates two separate pay-as-you-go mobile phone services, including its own GoPhone; Tracfone's GSM customers also use the Cingular AlloverSM network (their CDMA customers use the network of Cingular's biggest rival, Verizon Wireless).

Cingular ringtones are the sounds that mobile phones make to signal incoming calls or text messages. The essential characteristics of Cingular ringtones is that it can be customized to suit the individual’s taste and that feature could be said to influence consumers so much in the choice of phones.

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