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Changing the way we live our lives for the better
In Asia Pacific and around the world, Visa is changing the way people live their lives for the better. From the remote villages of India, to the bustling cities of Southeast Asia and beyond; the impact of Visa is far reaching.

More than a card, Visa gives you the freedom and peace of mind to make things happen. From dealing with unexpected situations, to making secure, convenient purchases anytime, anyplace; Visa puts you in control of your finances – and your future.

The countryside passes quickly as the high-speed bullet train hits its top speed of 300 km/h. Jin-Ho, an up-and-coming executive working in Busan, is traveling to Seoul to give a presentation to a new group of clients. The trip used to take over four hours – now it takes just over two. It’s nearly lunch and he knows that he won’t have time for a bite when he reaches his destination.

He’s not brought much cash for the trip, but that’s not a problem because he has the dual interface contact and contactless chip card from Visa. This card is a multi-application card incorporating e-purse, e-ticketing and digital certificate as well as Visa Smart Debit/Credit. Travelers can pay for drinks and snacks by tapping the contactless card on a dispensing machine equipped inside the train.

With chip technology, cardholders are better protected against fraud as information on the card is encrypted to guard against counterfeiting or ‘skimming’ – a technique where crooks copy card details off a special device called a skimmer.

One of the most technologically literate places on the planet, South Korea is at the forefront of these new technologies and its consumers have enthusiastically endorsed the innovative payment system. Customers and businesses alike across Asia Pacific and the world are ready for new ways to pay. Are you ready?

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