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FHM OC Girls Wallpaper

The O.C. is an American television dramedy/soap opera program broadcast on the Fox Network in the USA and on various networks around the world. O.C. stands for Orange County, California. The series, created by Josh Schwartz, debuted on August 5, 2003, with the tagline, "The best new show of the fall is coming this summer." The show's third season originally aired in the US on Thursday nights at 8/7c PM, the same timeslot it held in the second season, before moving to 9/8c PM in January 2006. The series has been noted for its music selections, which have helped some previously little-known bands gain a certain level of fame (exposure at the least), so much so that to date, the producers have released five compilation albums featuring highlighted performers. The show has been criticized by some Orange County residents who feel that the show misrepresents their community. To date it has aired in over 35 countries worldwide.

Peter Gallagher plays Sandy Cohen, a good-natured lawyer and former public defender who brings Ryan Atwood to his home. He is currently the CEO of the Newport Group.

Kelly Rowan plays Kirsten Cohen, The wife of Sandy Cohen and the mother of Seth Cohen and former CFO of her late father's real estate company and has an off and on alcohol problem.

Benjamin McKenzie plays Ryan Atwood, an outsider from Chino, California who is brought to live with the Cohen family in Newport. He has an on/off relationship with Marissa.

Adam Brody plays Seth Cohen, the only child of Sandy and Kirsten. Seth is a stereotypical nerd who is known for his quick quips and popular culture references.

Mischa Barton plays Marissa Cooper, a local teenage girl whose once-seemingly-charmed life has many problems (online gaming, her dysfunctional family, her romantic relationships, and exploring her well being among them).

Melinda Clarke plays Marissa's vain and scheming mother Julie Cooper (formerly Julie Cooper-Nichol), who was married to financial planner
Jimmy Cooper in the beginning of the series. After learning that he stole a large sum of money from clients, she eventually divorced Jimmy and married Caleb Nichol. After Caleb's death, Julie showed signs of wanting to reconcile with Jimmy. However, she eventually lost everything when it was discovered Caleb was broke at the time of his death. Part of the fallout included being evicted from the mansion where she had been living; living in a condominium purchased for her under questionable circumstances and living in a trailer park. An underlying motivation in Julie's actions comes from her effort to keep all aspects of her life far from a humble past in the decidedly less fashionable community of Riverside. By extension, she struggles to keep her daughter Marissa away from Ryan, whose own background in Chino is as far removed from Newport as is Julie's.

Rachel Bilson plays Summer Roberts, the strong-willed socialite of the four main teen characters — the love interest of Seth, and best friend to Marissa.

Willa Holland as Kaitlin Cooper, Marissa's younger sister who was off at boarding school but has now come back to visit.

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