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Pherotones ringtone

Pherotones were discovered by Myra Vanderhood, a world-traveled intimacy expert. Vanderhood studied human desires, physiology and interpersonal psychology at the university level for over 12 years. During that time, Vanderhood also conducted rigorous fieldwork, observing and experiencing first hand the sexual practices of cultures around the world.

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After her stunning discovery of Pherotones in Denmark, Vanderhood and her Pherotonal therapy and research was considered "too hot to handle" by mainstream science. Since then, Vanderhood has been challenging doubters to experience Pherotones for themselves.


Modern science has only begun to unlock the secrets of the human brain. While making great strides in mapping the neural pathways and chemical triggers that incite various moods and behaviors, mainstream scientists have yet to grasp exactly what makes human beings, and their brains, tick.

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Therefore, Pherotonal research is somewhat controversial. At the vanguard of this important work is intimacy expert Dr. Myra Vanderhood. Dr. Vanderhood and her colleagues at the Auditory Institute, RTP are seeking to connect the dots, gathering anecdotal evidence from around the globe, and looking for the cause-and-effect relationships that will gain traction with established scientists the world over. Research like this always begins slowly, but the more evidence researchers gather, the closer we come to understanding Pherotones and their impact on the attraction and arousal centers of the brain.

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