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The Nokia 6170 is well-featured. Its specification includes a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with a video recording capability and a media player. The 6170 has good connectivity via high-speed data transfer on EDGE networks and USB. It's missing a Bluetooth connection, but has most features that you'd expect from a modern phone, such as 40-voice polyphonic ringtones and Java games, plus a few extras and comes packaged in a nice metal case. Battery life is also excellent. A tad heavy, but no worse than most Motorola clamshells. Memory is limited so don't expect to store too many video clips.

Nokia 6170 Ringtones

Polyphonic mobile ringtones for your Nokia 6170 mobile. Download these latest mobile polyphonic ringtones for free. All you need is the Nokia cable or a bluetooth adapter.

Mission Impossible.midi

Earthworm Jim 2.midi

Daddy Cool.midi

Chariots Of Fire.midi

Carrie Underwood - If you dont know me by now.midi

Family Afair - Mary J Blidge.midi

Mundian to bach ke.midi

Daddy Cool.midi

Spice Girls - Viva Forever.midi

Beatles Love Me Do.midi

Aint nothing but a G thing - Dr Dre.midi

Polyphonic mobile ringtones for your Nokia 6170 mobile.

The Nokia 6170 is another clamshell phone from Nokia. The first thing you notice about the 6170 is its sleek stainless steel surfaces and chunky retro styling. It's very masculine and very pretty. The phone features a small external colour display and a larger internal display with 65k colours. The external display shows information on incoming calls, date and time, and phone status, and can also display wallpapers or screensavers, which is a nice feature. The internal TFT display is clear and bright, although smaller than some comparable clamshells.

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